Joe | Brooklyn, NY
Oh lordy. This is something of a "I cannot belive that I actually gotthrough this" type of picture.This is a project that I had been dreading for a long, long time. But Ifinally bit the bullet and just did it. I painted my floor in the middlesection of my apartment. It had been nearly 4 years since I had done it andit was high time for this to happen.Here is the bitch: when you have a railroad apartment, doing anything in thecenter room, cuts out the possibility of using the part of the apartmentthat is opposite the front door and on the other side of the area past theaffected room. When I made the final assault, I put a pillow and blanket, mycomputer and other essentials in my kitchen. Yes, I slept on my kitchenfloor for a couple of days while this stupid thing dried.It is 5:41 AM EST and I can walk across it for the first time in days. No,it is not the Capella Sistina. It is just a cheap ass, pinewood floor, in asmall apartment, in a very unglamorous section of Brooklyn, NY. However,compared to how it looked 5 years ago when I moved here, it is a work ofart. Trust me, there is some victory to be smelled here, I just cannot putit well into words.I took this picture after I had done the last roll. About 12 hours ago. Iwas happy as a clam then. I just woke up. And I am just as happy now.I do not know what the hell is up with happiness and clams. I do not getthis correlation. I can put my apartment back together and, for that, I amvery grateful. If that means that I also can have a hard shell surroundingme on the ocean floor.... well hell, that sounds good enough for me.Let us all go. Follow me......
04 2001
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