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I took this picture after I got back from Easter dinner with my family. I was raised in a Catholic family, attended Catholic school for 12 years (grammar AND high school), and just within the past 5 years or so have started to have a mind of my own. Anyway, that doesn't really have anything to do with the picture. I was pretty bored when I got back from dinner, and since there's nothing to do on Easter Sunday after you get home (because everyone you know is also obligated to hang out with their family), I decided to mess around with my digital camera, and this is the result. I'd say it captured my mood pretty well.I put the camera on top of my stereo compartment-type thing to take this. I set the self timer and stood there. I actually was looking into the mirror, but for a split second, I looked over at the camera to make sure that it was going to go off (it seemed to be taking awhile) and *click* there it went. The camera actually is in the picture, but you can hardly see it. Aaah well, such is life.
04 2001
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