Crisell | Late night | Spring Mount, PA, USA
Spring Mount, PA, USA
Late night
Its already 1:30 in the morning, and I'm bored. I slept until 1 today, so I'm not exactly tired. I babysat some brats, so I've got a headache. So what do I do? Go out to my car and grab my mirror I bought at the dollar store (how great...I love the dollar store). Its very difficult for me to find the right angle to hold the camera so that it reflects me if the mirror is straight up and down above me on the computer. Well, complicated at 1:30 AM. Then I try to view it and I don't have enough free memory to run the program. Then I reboot and finally do, and apparently I'm not allowed to take the full picture (as indicated by the bottom). So grr, just icing on my night.
08 2002
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