Joe Rowan | Brooklyn, New York
I don't have many pictures in my apartment, but the ones I have, I docherish. Not because they are unique or valuable, but simply because theyspeak to me in a way that allows me to dream of places that I have been orplaces I want to go someday.This is a photo taken by taken by Andreas Feinenger in 1956,in Arizona of Route 66. I bought this picture because I just love the "bigsky" aspect of it. It reminds me of the time that I spent in Wyoming and theDakotas a few years ago. One did not have to walk far to see the skymeeting the earth at the horizon, many miles away. Whilethe perception of space is an odd concept to me, Ido know what I like -- wide open spaces do bring a certain tranquility to myday.For those people who live in the wide open parts of this country, this isprobably is no big deal. However, for those of us in living in the stackedshoebox living quarters that we call cities, seeing the open sky,uninhibited by tall buildings is more special than can be described inwords. Anyway, just another lazy Sunday morning in Brooklyn. Time to tune into RAI for a soccermatch on the tube and some big band music on the radio.
05 2001
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