Adrian Sevitz | Reflections with black and white | Guiness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland
Reflections with black and white
We were in Ireland for my best mates 30th birthday (hes half Irish) and I took them too the Guinness Storehouse which is in the old Guinness Hops Store and is an amazing tour through the history of one of the worlds best beers. At the top of the storehouse is the Gravity Bar which has a spectacular 360 degree view of Dublin. Somebody noticed they mirrored tables and thought it would be cool to take a picture, reflected with the black and the white pints. I thought brilliant Mirror project and took one two whilst trying to explain about the project. This was met with bemused comments about my geek status. It still is a great picture with some great pints (all of which got finished I might add) and some great friends.
08 2002
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