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Still Ahead of Us
This picture was taken around 1981 in the bathroom of a room at the Algonquin Hotel or Gramercy Park Hotel. It was either the morning after Mike and Myung's wedding (who are not in the picture) or my and my husband's first of three marriage ceremonies. That's me (Jeanne) holding the baby. The man with the beard is my still-husband Joel. The photographer is Chris and the other woman is Pat, his still-wife. The man with the cigar is Spencer. The baby is Sam who is Chris and Pat's son. Since this picture, there have been more marriages (Spencer), divorces (Mike and Myung), more babies (everybody), deaths of parents (everybody), jobs gained and lost (everybody several times over) and lots of other stuff that comes along in life. But at this particular moment, it was all still ahead of us and that was the best part.
05 2001
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