Jason Gilmartin | Jinzhou, China
Jinzhou, China
My name is Jason Gilmartin and my friend in the photo is my savior last year, Pouncer Mao. In June 2000 I took this picture right before I left Jinzhou (a tiny dirty town) China and moved to Beijing. I spent one year in Jinzhou and it was simply the hardest thing I have ever done...there are not enough words I can write to you at the moment to describe the struggles and difficulties I face there daily. However, Pouncer Mao was with me every step of the way and truly saved me. Mao loved to jump on top of my bathroom door and bat at my head as I brushed my teeth. She did so many quirky things that she made me smile everyday, and kept me in China. I took this picture to remember her and my time in Jinzhou.I went to Jinzhou China to teach English as a member of a teach English in China group. I was the only westerner in my city, could not speak Chinese, and was isolated for an entire year. Mao made it possible for me to finish my contract and stay happy. One of the hardest things I had to do last year was leave her with one of my dearest friends in Jinzhou and move to Beijing.I am currently in Beijing with many of my Chinese and Western friends doing more worthwhile things in addition to continuing to teach English. Hopefully you will enjoy this picture as much as I do.
05 2001
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