Bruce Gauthier | Topography of Terror Mirror | Berlin, Germany
Topography of Terror Mirror
The Topography of Terror is an open-air museum in Berlin, dedicated to the horrors committed during the second world war, with a comment on the continuing racial prejudices today. As you walk to the far end to pick up your free mp3 player and headset to experience the museum in English, you walk along a fence that is much like an art gallery installation, reflecting on the current racial prejudices that exist today. They ask the question, "Are you a Racist?" in German below the mirrors, and of course, you are looking at yourself. I had viewed this photo several times before I noticed that in the background of the mirror on the left is one of the few remaining pieces of the actual Berlin Wall. To my right you can see the edge of one of the many posters of actual people who have been murdered for racial reasons.
08 2002
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