Bruce | The Field of Dirt | Northampton, Massachusetts
The Field of Dirt
Heather says "tell me a story baby." Here is the story behind this photo, The Field of Dirt.I had just awakened up from an afternoon nap and in my dream I found a way to--oh, I am getting ahead of myself; let's start at the beginning. One day recently when I was driving Daryl to soccer practice at the Oxbow in Northampton, Massachusetts, I looked out his window at a field of fertile, sensual dirt; a place where the river had recently retreated from the snow run-off; a field of red, orange, green, brown dirt. And it was beautiful. "Daryl," I said, "Look. That field of dirt. It's beautiful." And he answered, "Yes. It is. Too bad it isn't a mirror photo." Oh, I was so proud of him for saying that. And then I dreamed a way of making it a mirror photo. And after my dream I picked Daryl up at a party near The Field of Dirt and:"I had a dream, Daryl.""So." "Remember when you said too bad it's not a mirror photo?" "Yeah, so what?" "Well, I dreamed how to make the field of dirt a mirror photo." "Where are we going?" "To take a photo. I need your help." "Oh, Dad. C'mon. I'm not going to help you." "Yes you are. Do you want your portrait painted next time we're in New York City?""Yes." "Well, then you have to be my assistant. I really had a dream about this."Minutes later we arrive at The Field of Dirt."Dad, I'm not getting out of the car." "Daryl, you have to." "What if some of my friends drive by?" "Here, at the Oxbow. C'mon, please" "God, Dad, hurry up. I feel like such a jerk doing this."Two fast photos of The Field of Dirt and we're back in the car driving home to Birch Lane.
05 2001
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