Tina Tovey | petaluma
Tina Tovey | petaluma
top: spacing out at the office.my reflection appeared amongst flying saucers while loading some newsoftware on the old G3. i had just gotten a haircut i hated and decided tocapture some shots of what NOT to do the next time. bottom: getting technical.pencam afficianados will appreciate the technical complexity of this shot.it was created in live view, with the cam plugged into its USB cable andbalanced precariously on the edge of the desk as i held the CD in one handand mouseclicked the little camera icon in the aiptek interface with theother. all the components of the shot are visible: me, the CD, the pencam,the mouse, the corner of the monitor i was watching myself on, and even alittle bit of the aiptek interface on the screen (if you look carefullythrough the center of the CD).
05 2001
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