Joe | Teddy's Bar & Grill | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Teddy's Bar & Grill
Pictured - Joe (near) & Eric (far)Years ago, we would sit in these same seats and wax romantic about thepossibility of sitting at a bar, working on stuff with our machines thatwould run at a blazing 33mhz. Oh those were the days.Today, I sit here taking pictures in a mirror and running tests on a newwireless modem while he lays out magazine ads for the place we are at. Ran aFirewire transfer between the laptops and used mine to send the ads forproofing.All these toys, yet I really don't think any faster than 33mhz or 2400 baudto this day. But it was a fun experiment. And I got a free beer out of it.Hmmm....will tech for beer? hmmmm....
06 2001
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