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PDA Stupor
I've visited the Mirror Project many times before and never followed through with my own photo because I hate looking at myself in the mirror or being in pictures. On a quiet afternoon with everyone upstairs doing their thing, I visited the Mirror Project again and gave in after being inspired by so many others.

When things were incredibly slow in the office job, I went to my PDA-baby to check email, play games, or whatever struck my fancy.
11 2001
  598 Billy
  901 Tina Tovey
  1376 Eduardo Arcos Barredo
  1821 Mattias Naslund
  2617 Betsy Barone
« 2716 Meryl
  3103 ed hawco (blork)
  4038 Melanie Levi
  5064 michael a. goldberg
  6871 Ben Grogan

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