conan | Not technically a funhouse. | Hallway in my work place
Hallway in my work place
Not technically a funhouse.
Late in the summer of 2002, two mirrors were added to a hallway in the building where i work. i am self conscious, but i'm very comfortable in my work space. A class let out while i was taking this picture. I felt as if i had been caught with my pants down. Not my pants off, Not my fly unbuttoned, but pants down around my ankles. I wanted to awkwardly duck walk with away, but i stood my ground.
I held my hand over the flash because I've always been fascinated with the way that light passes through flesh. I remember watching an animated-after-school-special-thing. There were people of different ethnicity pressing a flashlight to their hands. The light passed through and someone made a comment, "We're all the same on the inside."
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